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Mylar, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Boron, Thin Films, and Polyester Tissue. These are all composites that are now widely used in model construction to gain strength and lower overall weight of the completed model. Over 25 years ago Model Research Labs was the first to bring these products to the model world.

We built many contest models using composites, we won contest and set records. For about 20 years we supplied composites to the world’s top FAI class modelers. In several events, every single record holder used MRL composites. Composites are now accepted everywhere. The world is changing, last year about 40% of our products went into electric models, this year it will be over 50%. LiPoly batteries and outrunner motors were the big turning point. The energy density of the next generation of batteries will easily exceed that of gasoline or glo fuel. The automobile industry is only 15 years behind.

In the last 60 years of modeling I have seen some major changes. I expect there will be just as many more coming our way in the next 60 years; let's all keep our eyes open and stay out of the deep mucky stuff.

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