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Poker is a card game. People used to play it as a part of recreation in their lives at the beginning of the 20th century. Now, it has reached a stage where a group of enthusiasts takes up this card game as their profession. There are numerous tournaments – National and International level where poker is a kind of a sport and is given much importance to. It is the easiest way to earn a huge amount of money and at the same time, an easy way to lose a huge amount of money. First, the 52 card deck is shuffled by the dealer. 

Types Of Poker

Poker has many variants. There are mainly 5 kinds of Poker games that are famous and a must learn in case you would want to venture into the field of poker. They include –

1) Texas Hold ’em: Currently, this world-renowned game in the entire world. Many tournaments around the world use this variant out of all the poker game variants. Two cards (hole cards) are dealt with each player (face down) and then, 5 company cards (face up) in three stages. The stage has a series of 3 cards – the flop, an additional card – the fourth, and a final card – the fifth. Players seek the best 5 card poker hand out of the seven cards (5 company and 2 hole cards). Betting options to call, raise, check and folds are available. The one who didn’t have a fold and has the best hand of all the betting rounds wins the money.

2) Ohama: It is similar to Texas Hold’em. It consists of a 52card French deck. It is a type of company card poker. Here, each player is given out 4 cards. He/she must draw their best cards utilizing exactly 2 of them, along with the 3 out of the 5 company cards. The betting rounds remain the same.

3)Seven Stud card game: This was popular before Texas Hold’em came into the picture. Being a variant of stud poker, it was the most widely played poker in the

คาสิโนสด casinos in the Eastern part of the US. It consists of 2-8 players, without company cards and a flop, two of them face down and three cards face up are dealt with each player. After these seven cards being dealt, the player has to choose the best 5 card combination.

4) Triple Down: Here, each player at

3win casino online ไทย chooses cards to discard ranging from zero to five cards and the dealer gives out replacement cards. In the last round of betting, after the final draw, the dealer button determines the order of discarding and betting. The deuces play low, the Aces play high. It has the same betting as Texas Hold’em. Overall, a player must make the lowest possible 5 card hand in a four-round betting game with three draws.


Thus, these are important variants of poker. Different ways to capsa susun online uang asli games are available online today and you can make money out of winning. So take a chance and give it a try!


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